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The Area

The Area

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Rapid City -- Gateway to the Black Hills

Founded by down-on-their-luck gold miners in 1876, Rapid City began as a hay camp and wholesale center for the mining towns during the Black Hills gold rush. Today, with nearly 74,000 residents, Rapid City is the regional center for agriculture, tourism, medical services, military, manufacturing, research, retail, financial services and other industries.


Rapid City’s central business district has experienced a renaissance in recent years. Main Street Square is the focal point for a lively downtown shopping, dining, music, art and play. The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, the Journey Museum, the City of Presidents bronzes, Art Alley, the Dahl Arts Center, and the Rapid City Center for Performing Arts make downtown Rapid City the region’s cultural center.


Rapid Creek runs the length of the city, flanked by a 9-mile bike path and greenway. The creek is one of the few urban waterways that support a naturally reproducing trout population. Two hogback ridges, Skyline Drive/Dinosaur Park Hill and M Hill, bisect the city. Both have extensive hiking and mountain biking trails.

West Rapid

The Gap, the name for the area between the two hogback ridges, connects Rapid City with the area known as West Rapid. East of the Gap, Rapid City’s landscape resembles the high plains of western South Dakota. West of the Gap, the landscape resembles the Black Hills. Many neighborhoods have stands of mature pine trees, rocky outcroppings and sloping meadows.

Fairway Hills -- In the Heart of West Rapid

Fairway Hills is a high-end apartment complex spread across nine acres of pine and hardwood trees, with a small seasonal stream running through the center. There is a walking trail and picnic areas are just a few steps from your door.

Fairway Hills is also close to nine golf courses, including Arrowhead Country Club, which is directly across Sheridan Lake Road.

Distance to School:

  • Southwest Middle School -- 3 minutes, 1.2 miles
  • Corral Drive Elementary School -- 3 minutes, 1.2 miles
  • Stevens High School -- 10 minutes, 3.6 miles

Distance to Work:

  • Ellsworth Air Force Base -- 27 minutes, 16 miles
  • Downtown Rapid City -- 9 minutes, 3.9 miles
  • Rapid City Regional Hospital -- 12 minutes, 6.6 miles
  • National American University -- 7 minutes, 3.7 miles
  • School of Mines -- 15 minutes, 5.3 miles
  • Black Hills State University, Rapid City -- 17 minutes, 11.6 miles

Distance to Shopping:

  • Walmart Supercenter -- 7 minutes, 4.7 miles
  • Rushmore Mall -- 15 minutes, 6.8 miles
  • Rushmore Crossing Shopping Center -- 15 minutes, 7.6 miles
  • Autumn Hills Plaza Shopping Center -- 2 minutes, 1.2 miles